Color Vision Tests

Farnsworth 100 Hue Test

This extensive color test is recommended for critical color vocational and clinical diagnostic applications. Available in both the boxed and magnetic versions. Magnetic 100 Hue encloses discs in four sealed plastic boxes. Both versions include CD with MS-Excel scoring template.


Farnsworth D15

This is a 16-disc color vision test intended for occupational evaluation and classification instead of in-depth study of color vision defects. Patient arranges the colors and then evaluation of the patient's arrangement separates 'normal' color perception from moderate and strong defects. Boxed in a clear plastic container for easy scoring, this kit includes instructions, non-latex gloves and laminated score card. Also available in the magnetic version! This is the same test enclosed in a sealed plastic box and arranged by using a magnetic pen. Color discs are kept clean and cannot be lost. Test includes a magnetic pen, score sheet and a cloth pouch.



This is the same format test as the Farnsworth D-15 except colors are desaturated, which makes the test much more difficult. It separates normal color vision from any level of defect. This test is recommended for disease detection. Also available in the magnetic version.


28 Hue

The 28 Hue test is similar to the D15, however does provide a greater degree of sensitivity through a larger range of hues and its circular design. Kit includes a transparent base to make scoring easily readable. Test includes laminated scoring template and instructions.