Color Standards


  Why Custom Color Standards?


The most effective way to communicate your exact color specifications is through the use of a physical standard that has been created to accurately represent your product or package. It’s as simple as saying “Match This” to your suppliers! Custom Color Standards by Visual Color Systems are designed to precisely communicate your colors, and other appearance factors, to everyone involved in your production and quality control processes. No uncertainty and No errors due to matching numbers instead of colors.


  Why Not Match Only Color Measurements?


Color measurement can, and should, be an integral part of a comprehensive color control program. But we know that different instruments can measure the same color differently. Different instruments can also measure different colors the same under certain conditions.


Color is a visual experience. The purpose of any color control program is to maintain and control the way colors look. Instruments are essential tools wherever they can be used to achieve that goal. But don’t lose sight of the fact that your customers are only interested in how your products and packaging look when they see them, not how they measure. Relying on color measurements alone can result in serious mismatch costs if any one of the many variables involved in the manufacturing process causes color or appearance problems not identified because no one looked at the part or package.


  When Are Color Standards Necessary?


Color standards are used whenever it’s important to accurately communicate colors. Specifying color with physical standards is the foundation for a successful color control program. Whether equipped to work instrumentally, visually, or both, everyone in the production and quality process who is issued a physical standard will be matching to the same color target.


  What Are The Benefits Of Color Standards?


VCS Standards are matched to your specifications within the tightest tolerance possible. They are stable, consistent, uniform, and reproducible. VCS Standards help you to communicate your color specifications exactly, thereby minimizing the risk of costly rejects due to off-color production.




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