Color Tolerance Sets

Color Standards That Set the Limits


The art and science of color matching involves a host of variables that often lead to a less than perfect match. In most cases, fortunately, a perfect match is not required, and would probably be very costly if it were. How much can a color vary, then, from its target and still be acceptable? And how can this information be communicated to those who need to know, such as suppliers and QA departments?

The color experts at Visual Color Systems can answer these questions. We first establish your primary target colors, then develop a realistic color range designed exclusively for each application. We also help integrate visual evaluation and color measurement to best suit established processes and systems. VCS Color Tolerance Sets provide the clearest and most precise color direction possible to put the control of your colors where it belongs - in your hands.

Where Color Tolerance Sets Can Be Helpful For Your Business

Plastic · Paint · Ink · Paper · Food · Chemicals · Process Control

Corporate Identity · Quality Control · Design Specification

  • Set tolerances for the color of products, packages, and processes

  • Control the color of product parts made by different suppliers at all locations

  • Control the color of packages printed by different printers worldwide

  • Establish Master Color Standards for parts and packages

  • Provide precise color specifications to all vendors and QA personnel with visual clarity

    Technical Information

  • Color and gloss matched to finished application with stable, non-metameric formulas

  • Tolerances custom matched to your specifications

  • All formats available

  • Neutral gray background for most accurate viewing

  • Complete instructions, viewing conditions, and specifications included

  • Target color and six limit color chips for complete color specifications

  • Extra Min/Max chip to control Gloss, Pearl, and Metallic effects available

  • Printed envelopes included

  • 3-Step Color Tolerance Sets available at lower cost where seven steps are not needed

  • Colors on actual charts are precisely matched lacquer color chips.

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