The Globe Soil Color Book


A Pocket Guide For the Identification of Soil Color

Colors are arranged in the Globe Soil Color Book according to the Munsell Color Order System. The colors are displayed as stripes, not mounted chips. The large color stripes are arranged in order of their Munsell Hue, Value, and Chroma in a unique "waterfall" design.


Globe Soil Color Book Evaluations


Color is often an indicator of chemical, biological, or physical processes taking place in the soil environment. It is one of the most useful properties for soil identification and appraisal. The Globe Soil Color Book was designed to facilitate color determination of soil samples under a wide range of environmental conditions.


The color of moist soil samples should be evaluated under daylight whenever possible to ensure consistency of color matches.


Features of the Globe Soil Color Book include:

  • Colors coated on special waterproof stock to permit easy cleaning

  • 208 colors, including 23 Gray colors

  • 8 Hues, 7.5R – 5Y

  • Soil Structure diagrams and ruler

  • Instructions for determining soil color, texture, consistence, and presence of free carbonates

  • Wire-O binding

  • Pocket size

  • Meets the GLOBE® Program Specifications