After many requests we are proud to release our first Professional Soil Color Book.


This book is 100% WATERPROOF! The colors are paint coated onto a plastic substrate. This means there are no chips to come off or cracks for soil to get stuck in.


This book is a six-page-waterfall design, including Hues 10R to 5Y and Gley colors from 10Y to 5B. Each waterfall set has a tab with the Hue on it to make it easy to flip to the desired waterfall. Every color in the waterfall set is visible at the same time. The Chroma for each page is printed in place of a page number to quickly communicate the exact color you are viewing.


Unlike our blue Globe book (which was designed for The Globe Program), this book has the dark colors that had been excluded from the Globe Program Edition. To keep this book the convenient pocket size, the eight value colors have been excluded. These colors will later be released as additional pages.


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